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May 10, 2022, Version 1.62 , IDFA, Apple SKAdNetwork API, ATT prompt, etc....
November 26, 2019, Domino Kiss is now free!
July 21, 2016, Sales start.

▫️About apps

Let's refresh!
Operation is simple!
Pressing the domino!

White Domino , move left.
Blue Domino , move right.
Red Domino , move on.
Yellow Domino , move down.
Green Domino , will rotate .
When sent to the terminal , it's Level Clear!

▫️Update history

・Updated on May 10, 2022. Version 1.62 , Changed the notation on the developer's website.
 Other major updates are as follows.
 IDFA, Apple SKAdNetwork API, ATT prompt, etc...
・Updated on December 3, 2019. Version 1.5 , Fixed a bug where Domino is shining on Ipad.
・Updated on November 26, 2019. Version 1.4 , Added the operation explanation screen.
 The comfort of play has been improved by changing the size of Domino.
 Improved comfort when selecting levels.
・Updated on October 8, 2016. Version 1.3 , The bug of display has been adjusted.