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June 17, 2022. Version 2.1 , Added opening and ending movies, etc...
April 21, 2016, Sales start.

・About apps

THE BLUE ROSE is action and adventure game.
It's a short story depicting a boy of growth.
Please try to solve a number of mysteries.
You'll surely feel a great sense of accomplishment!

This country becomes an adult at the age of 15.
To become an adult, you need to complete the prepared tasks.
And here one boy becomes an adult.
The story begins to move when his grandmother and boy are talking about it.

・Update history

・Updated on June 17, 2022. Version 2.1 , Changed the notation on the developer's website.
 Other major updates are as follows.
 Added opening and ending movies.
 Changed the graphics of some monsters.
・Updated on April 6, 2020. Version 2.0 , Adjustment of graphics etc.
・Updated on February 27, 2017. Version 1.9 , Ending song remixed. The bug in part has been adjusted.
・Updated on October 14, 2016. Version 1.7 , An update related to the IOS update was done.
・Updated on July 9, 2016. Version 1.4 , The bug of display has been adjusted. 
・Updated on April 29, 2016. Version 1.3 , The bug of the end credits has been adjusted.Added App preview to 5.5-Inch,4-Inch,iPad.